Website Speed

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  • Cache Plugin Install and Setup
  • Complete Image Optimization
  • Plugin Re-order & Selective Load
  • Database Optimization & Cleanup
  • Anti-Heartbeat Setup
  • Brute Force Attack Prevention
  • Speed Optimization Report
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Database Optimization & Cleanup

Your database is the sweet spot of all your saved website content and data. Over time databases can become bloated storing tons of info that you site does not need anymore. Our Speed Engineer will do a detailed optimization of your entire database.

Complete Image Optimization

Images can be a massive drag on the load time of each page within your website. We will not only optimize all the current images you have but make sure that going forward all images you add to your site will automatically optimized for SPEED.

Anti-heartbeat Setup

WordPress Heartbeat API can start sending excessive requests to your server which can lead to high CPU usage. Our Speed Engineer will make sure the WordPress Heartbeat API is setup and used properly with no SPEED leaks.

Detailed Plugin Audit

What is WordPress without the use of plugins right? The only drawback is that they can suck major resources from your server and cause your site to load slowly. Our Speed Engineer will make sure you are using all of the plugins you have active.

Brute Force Attack Prevention

A common attack point on WordPress is to hammer the wp-login.php file over and over until they get in or the server dies. Each tried attempt is a request to the server which slows things down. Our Speed Engineer will guard your site against this.

WAIT, there’s more… This item is actually our favorite. You will receive a detailed report on the SPEED OPTIMIZATION of you site. The report will include a snapshot of before we do our magic and details of what has improved after our Speed Engineer has worked through his proven methods of WordPress SPEED INCREASE.


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